Guidelines for Choosing an Effective Campaign Slogan

A slogan can have a surprisingly big effect on marketing campaigns of all varieties. They are used online, printed on brochures, banners, stickers, postcards, building wraps and more, and when you live in a city as busy as London, they are seen by millions of people every day. To make sure that your slogan is worth all of that trouble, here are some guidelines to help you choose a memorable and effective slogan.



1. Identification

A good slogan must stay consistent with the brand name either obviously stated or strongly implied. It’s better to include the name of your business to it.


2. Memorable

Some of the best taglines or slogans are still being used today, even though they were launched several years ago.


3. Beneficial

Reveal your purpose and benefits of the product by conveying the message in consumer language. Turn bad into good. Suggest the risk of not using the product. Create a positive feeling for the consumers.

4. Differentiation

In an overcrowded market, companies on the same industry need to set themselves apart through their creative and original tagline or slogan.

5. Keep it simple

Use proven words and short keywords. One word is usually not enough.

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