What is FSC Certified Material?

Choosing the appropriate material for any printing job is vital. Not only can material be a costly expenditure, especially when incorrectly selected, but also, the quality of a final printed product directly reflects the quality of material used. Due to material options being seemingly limitless, selecting the correct type can be a tricky and confusing process. Our team of experienced and trusted professionals help lessen your burden and will make your decision seem much less daunting. As users of FSC certified materials, one of the most common questions asked by clients is, “What does FSC ® Certified mean?”

The Forest Stewardship Council ™ (FSC), based in Germany, is an international organization focused on developing global Forest Management and Chain-of-Custody standards in forestry. They also accredit independent certification bodies who implement FSC certification evaluations, and issue FSC certificates to companies in compliance with the stringent standards they have set. The goal of the FSC is to promote sustainable ecosystems in any forest where logging is prevalent and to enhance the long term social and economic standing of the local communities, at the same time.


To achieve their goal of promoting sustainable forests and ecosystems in logging areas, the FSC monitors such operations in order to make sure whatever is cut down, is being replanted. In order for a forest to obtain FSC certification, the company responsible for logging operations must prove they meet ALL Chain-of-Custody and Forest Management standards set forth by the FSC. Only once all of the necessary documentation is collected, reviewed and approved, will a forest be rewarded an FSC certification.

The reason FSC paper has become popular recently is because of the burdening of green practices. Purchasing FSC certified paper guarantees you, the consumer, that whichever forest in which the trees used to make the paper you bought, were harvested with the utmost care. By replanting areas depleted by previous logging, the FSC is ensuring that the proper steps have been taken to guarantee the forests’ ecosystem continues to thrive. The trend in the industry shows FSC certified paper is preferred amongst companies with heavy printing loads, because it shows that despite the large quantity of paper used, they are still both, environmentally and socially conscious

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