Artwork Specifics

Download our Artwork Specification (137kb)

Supply of Artwork

  • Email (20mb max file size)
  • USB Flash Drive
  • WeTransfer
  • CD/DVD
  • FTP Site

When using WeTransfer, file names should match our records.

Preferred Artwork Formats

  • PDF 1.4/1.5 – High Resolution PDF, 300DPI
  • JPG – High Resolution, 300DPI (min)

Artwork must be set to CMYK colormode

Supply artwork in the correct size

We assume all artwork supplied is 100%, if you are working at a smaller scale (such as 50%) please be sure to mention this, so that we can enlarge before printing. It’s also important to adjust the resolution settings to reflect this (e.g, if working at a 50% scale, the resolution should be doubled). As machines have variable resolutions, it may be better to check with us before lowering resolution on your design.

Fonts must be outlined before sending files – this ensures that the fonts will not become substituted during pre-press.

Artwork Bleed
All artwork supplied requires a bleed of at least 4mm. Super-wide format print requires a minimum of 10mm bleed. This can be set in Adobe through ‘Document Set-up’ or ‘Page box options’.

Cutter Guides
Cutter guides or ‘trim marks’ are required, and can be placed when exporting PDF’s. The cutter guides should be created as a stroke. There will be a tolerance of at least 2mm during trimming.

Color Palettes
We only print in CMYK color mode, and your artwork should only contain CMYK and spot colors.

RGB artwork will be converted to CMYK and this could effect your colours – we hold
no responsibility for the colour conversion affecting final artwork.

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