Think Big. Our Marketing Campaign for 2014 Q1

Check out our brand new 2014 marketing campaign for Q1 titled THINK BIG, targeted towards printers, print-resellers, graphics agencies, brands and retailers who are looking to transform their businesses in 2014 through the user of high quality large format printed media at fast turnaround times.

Large format print has taken a huge growth in printing in recent times, with more and more companies striving for marketing and advertising for their product lines. Our THINK BIG campaign probes marketers globalling to ‘think outside of the box’ of traditional marketing techniques, and make big impact through the creative use of large format printed media. The key drivers include speed, flexibility, cost-effectiveness and customer reach, which can be obtained via various applications, such as banners, hoardings, indoor and outdoor signage.

You can view our first marketing email within our THINK BIG campaign here. It’s aimed more specifically at trade clients, who want to offer large format printed media to their customers. Large format printing is being used by brands all over the world, who want to create a big impact to a large audience.

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