Creating a Great Vehicle Wrap

The key points to designing a vehicle wrap are quite simple. Vehicles with a unique shape or design really stand out, for example, fuel trucks or any trailer that carries liquids; the oval shape is great for branding and a real eye catcher. Mini Coopers, VW Bugs, Smart cars and Fiat 500’s are also very popular for their shapes. The more unusual the better! Hybrid cars are also great for conveying that your brand is concerned with the environment

Leave your mark


Come up with a creative idea, and kept it simple yet eye catching. The whole point of a vehicle wrap is to catch the viewer’s attention while they are in motion. Regardless of the overall message, be sure that the company brand or logo is easily visible against the background imagery. After all, the entire point of a  vehicle wrap is to advertise the brand or product. Make sure people know what it is! It is not recommended to place logos between panels or half on a window and a quarter panel, because the different materials will often print irregularly, and the logo will end up looking incorrect.

If you are designing for a local business, keep the website and the telephone number visible and big. Beware of having any essential information, including logos and text, wrap around corners and edges. Instead, keep messaging in easily readable areas and be sure to put logos and tag-lines on all sides of the vehicle.

Don’t forget the nitty-gritty


It is illegal in the UK to cover the driver’s window and the front passenger’s window, so don’t plan to wrap those two areas. We use Contra Vision film when wrapping rear windows and back windscreens. Contra Vision is a one-way vision vinyl, which visually shows print on one side, and appears translucent on the other side. It’s a great way of utilising the flat surfaces and completing the vehicle wrap, whilst also allowing the driver to see through the windows.

At Sel Trade, we have vehicle templates for nearly every vehicle available in the UK, including cars, light commercial vehicles, taxis, buses, coaches, HGV tractors and trailers, recycling vehicles and more. We regularly update our library to coincide with the release of new vehicles onto the market, so your brand can have an amazing wrapped fleet even with recently face-lifted cars. Contact us today and see what we can do for you.

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